Lucanthin-Enzymes and Amino acids for Aquaculture

A unique formulation for growth, production & health in Aquaculture
Astaxanthin: A carotenoid acts as a lipid soluble pigment having powerful anti-oxidant action. It imparts coloration in Shrimps/Prawns. It increases vitamin A, C & E in body tissues.Enhances growth in Shrimps/Prawns.
Amylase, Pectinase & Liapase: These enzymes are helpful in Gut Health of Animals and production of inhibitory compounds. Enhance immune system. Enzymatic action aids digestion. These enzymes are compete for nutrients and adhesion sites.
L-Lysine & DL-Methonine: Lysine supplements protein diet and is one of the essential amino acids for growth. Methionine helps to prevent cataract. It helps in increasing the body weight and length of Shrimps/Prawns. It also helps in feed conversion efficiency and survival.
Yeast: Provides rich source of protein and B-complex Vitamins. It is used as complementary protein source in Shrimps/Prawns diet.
Choline: Important for metabolic functions. Prevents protruded eyes, helps in liver functions. Improves appetite and growth. This is also used for colour imporvement in Shrimps/Prawns,growth and weight gain.

  • Improves color and appearance.
  • Improves health and immunity.
  • Better Survival.
  • Helps in Better growth and Body weight..
    Use and Administration
  • Prawns/Fishes:25 gm/kg feed.
  • Ornamental Fishes:100gm/kg feed.
  • or directed by Veterinarian Consultant
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