Aqua Promass - Fish growth promoter for fish farming (pisciculture)

An ideal formulation of Protein,Yeast,Lysin & Methonine with added advantage of Cobalt to increase weight & enhance growth of Fishes in Aquaculture fish farming

  • Body weight Enhancer in Shrimps Prawns & fishes.
  • Keeps the aquatic life active.
  • Prevents stress.
  • Acts as immune modulator and antioxidant.
  • Develops new tissues.
  • Helps in better collagen formation and strong muscles for better swimming.
Usage and administration:
  • Regular Use: 3gm/kg of pellets or 7-10gm/kg feed
  • Take above quantity and mix with 10-20 ml of cod liver oil Apply to 1kg feed and dry in cool shade for 30 minutes
  • Or as directed by fish consultant

Fish Mineral mixture,Fish Growth Promotor






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