Ponsan Sanitizer for Aquaculture Ponds

PONSAN is safe rapid acting bacteriocide, algaecide and fungicide and is
also wiedly used as a sanitizer- disinfectant.It is highly recommended for Fish,Prawns in,Tail rot,Gill rot,Bacterial Gill disease,Red gill, Muscle necrosis,Red discoloration etc

PONSAN has antimicrobial activity therefore recomended in hatchearies
and farms for prevention and control of bacterial,protozon and monogenic
infection.Also act as disinfectant sanitizer and deodorant in Aquaculture usage


  • Potent vericide, bactericide and fungicide.
  • Anti protozoan, controls external parasitic infection of gills and other parts in shrimps.
  • Safe and non irritant to aquatic animals.

usage And Administration

375 ml to 650ml per acre per meter of water depth
or as directed by fish consultant
Fish Pond Disinfectant