Anfolite Pro:-

Anfolite Pro Provides:
Granule form provides convenient and effective absorption of toxic content and gases to make the habital clean and healthy for aquatic life
Optimum Catalysis: Unique blend purifies the water and improves the dissolved oxygen content
Optimum Cation Exchange.
Exchanges ammonia and other Poisonous gases in water improves soil and water quality. Help to prevent the occurrence of disease
.Probiotic supplementation
Controls and Prevents bacterial pathogens in the gut and water. Effectively reduces ammonia,nitrogen from waste water stabilizesthe oxygen levels and improves the quality of water Enables to promote growth,survivability and ensures higher profits

Helped for optimum Plankton growths allow normal feeding

Usage And Administration

  • 10kg to 20kg of Anfolite pro TM per acre
  • Or as recommended by An aquaculture Consultant/Expert.